Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles – A True Alternative to Smaller Teak Tiles

Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles Boast a Lush Array of Colors

Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles Boast a Lush Array of Colors

I know you’ve probably been tempted to purchase those little wood tiles to make a quick fix to the eye sore you call your backyard. You know, the ones found at those big name stores filled with products that will last maybe a year (If you’re lucky!). Well if you bought them, I’m really quite sorry. But it’s not too late to fix that mistake before those flimsy tiles start breaking on you and you become really frustrated.

The solution to your predicament is Cumaru deck tiles from Nearly the strength and stability of Ipe deck tiles, our Cumaru tiles come with a very convenient price. Not to mention, the golden to red amber colors of our sustainably harvested Cumaru is completely stunning. They make any and every outdoor space shine.

Once you’re done installing, you will never want to leave your new patio! You can sit back and enjoy your very wise long-term investment.

Call, or visit to order your Cumaru deck tiles today!

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