FSC Certified Wood Species Brazilian Teak, Cumaru, & Tigerwood Boost LEED Green Building

With the supply of certified FSC wood like ipe in short supply, species like FSC Brazilian Teak & Tigerwood are gaining favor amond architects, planners, and contractors that specialize in green building. By expanding the amount of available Brazilian hardwoods to the market, the strain on other FSC wood options like ipe can be alleviated. Both FSC Tigerwood and Cumaru are also now much more affordable than other higher priced FSC decking and flooring materials.

Buffalo, NY (Vocus) July 29, 2010

Advantage Lumber, LLC has expanded their selection of FSC Certified wood to include Brazilian Teak & Tigerwood. Now, those planning to compile FSC related LEED credits have even greater eco-friendly wood decking, lumber and flooring options at their disposal. What sets these FSC lumber options from other certified wood species is the price. Due to the high demand for FSC certified wood, the most popular species such as FSC Mahogany, Ipe, and Eucalyptus are in short supply. With the LEED Green Building market expanding so rapidly, the price of those materials has also risen. Adding new varieties of certified material alleviates the demand for higher-priced hardwoods while also giving green builders more options and greater design flexibility.

According to Duane Welch, Regional Sales Manager, “When customers discover just how expensive their LEED building project would be with FSC hardwoods like Ipe or Mahogany, they quickly ask for another alternative. We explain to them that these hardwoods are so popular that mills in Brazil are having a hard time keeping up with demand. Therefore, it was inevitable that the price of FSC Ipe would skyrocket especially when you consider how diligent the Forest Stewardship Council is when it comes to monitoring cultivation and harvesting of trees in protected areas.” He added, “As a certified FSC wood supplier, we work with FSC certified mills in South America to bring FSC Tigerwood and Cumaru aka Brazilian Teak to the market. These two hardwoods have unique benefits and looks that are more attractive than bamboo, teak, and even ipe.”

FSC Brazilian Teak, Cumaru & Tigerwood offer these major benefits:

  • MRc7 LEED Credit applicable
  • Ideal for commercial applications with high slip & scratch resistance
  • Cumaru aka Brazilian Teak is almost as hard as ipe with a Janka rating of 3540
  • Tigerwood is over three times harder than Redwood with a Janka rating of 2170
  • Both resist termites, mold & decay better than composite decking materials
  • Greater color variance that compare to Mahogany & Teak

About Advantage Lumber, LLC:

Advantage Lumber, LLC is the leading supplier of wood decking and lumber. With over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Advantage Lumber, LLC imports and produces exotic decking, hardwood flooring, hardwood lumber and a variety of certified FSC wood. As a hardwood lumber supplier with over 70 species of lumber in stock, they specialize in custom milled hardwood products delivered direct to your home or jobsite. With their International Supply Chain, Advantage delivers wholesale decking and hardwood across the world from their locations in Grover, North Carolina and Buffalo, New York.

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