New Laser Guided Straight Line Ripper in CA and FL factories

Here at, we always have state of the art equipment in our factories. Having the latest machinery allows us to provide you with the most current services available, and because of these advances we also are able to serve you with fast shipping times. We have seen steady growth since we first opened our doors in 1992, and even during the economic downturn, we have prospered where other companies have not.


Our two newest mills in Florida and California are adding new laser guided straight line rippers to provide more options for your custom requests. The straight line ripper cuts decking materials into specific dimensions for your outdoor project. Thanks to the laser guide, each cut is precise to reduce the amount of mill errors so your order stays on track.


We have been leader in the manufacturing of sustainable hardwood decking for over 20 years. We are always exploring new ways to improve our products while maintaining the quality we have always been known for.

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