Southeast Gardening for the Fall – Add A Pop Of Color to Your Deck or Porch

During the fall, Florida and other Southeastern states still enjoy warmer weather than many other places in the United States. If you live in the Southeast and want to replenish the look of your front porch or back deck with some beautiful new foliage, then read on. Choosing the right plants for your garden doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Colorful, beautiful and low-maintenance landscapes are easier to acquire than you think. This list of plants will not only add burst of color to your garden, they are super easy to grow!


Snapdragons: Snapdragons are thick plants with tall spikes of flower buds.  The flowers of the Snapdragons are particularly abundant in cooler weather, making them a great fall and winter plant for the Southeast. Since they come in just about every color, they will match with any garden design. In order for your Snapdragons to bloom longer, regular deadheading is required.


Violas: Violas are small and delicate plants that produce colorful and fragrant flowers. Thriving in cool weather makes them an ideal fall foliage option for your garden.  Be sure to fertilize these plants when you plant them, as well as monthly. The pop of color violas provide can definitely make spending a cool evening on your deck even more enjoyable.



Diascia Hybrids: Diascia Hybrids are winter annuals in the Southeast. These bright, colorful flowers are resilient to cold weather and regrow quickly after hard frosts and light freezes. Remember that Diascia needs regular watering, but does not like to sit in wet soil.


Hostas: There are over 500 types of Hostas, which come in a variety of colors and patterns. These perennials are excellent plants for shady areas. This full foliage will give you the lush, green appearance you desire. Make sure to plant your Hostas in moist, humus-soil in light to full shade.


Hardy Hibiscus: Hardy Hibiscus is a plant that will add tropical vibes to any landscape yet will withstand temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees.  This gorgeous and bright plant can produce more than a hundred blooms in a season. You will want to remove spent flower stems after blooming.


Adding any of these plants to the perimeter of  your deck or in a planter box, will ensure an easy and beautiful planting season. Need to know what to grow in another region of the country? Click here for more regional gardening tips for the fall. If your outdoor deck or porch needs more than a splash of fresh color, check out for all your decking and deck tile needs. We’re currently running a great special, so please call to get your custom quote today: 1-877-232-3915.

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