Want to Remodel your Deck? Upgrade with Tigerwood

Our supply of Tigerwood decking is rich in color and in benefits. As you can see below, the lush color of this newly finished Tigerwood deck infuses some wonderful color into this backyard. The one word our customer used to describe his new deck (see below) is “beautiful.” It’s hard to disagree given the fact that even on a winter day (when this picture was taken), his new outdoor living space looks like a warm spring day. This deck remodel project took some time, but compared to what he had before, it was well worth the effort.

From this…

Replacing a deck

To this…

Tigerwood Decking is in stock
Our Tigerwood decking creates decks with instant appeal.

What can this homeowner expect from his new deck made from our Tigerwood decking? How about a space that science proves is more durable and strong than many domestic woods.

Tigerwood is:

  • 62% harder than Douglas Fir & 73% harder than California Redwood
  • 38% stronger than Douglas Fir and 51% stronger than California Redwood
  • Very low-maintenance
  • Rich in color and requires only deck oil to replenish color (no staining required!)
  • Easily able to last at least 25 years in any climate

What surprises even the most seasoned builders about our Tigerwood is how easy it is to work with. This is definitely a bonus that decreases install time and keeps your budget in line because you don’t have to worry about buying extra carbide tipped blades. Also, while the exotic look of a Tigerwood deck is constantly imitated by plastic decking companies, the look of the real thing is something you just can’t duplicate. What about price?

Well, that’s another bonus too. Our Tigerwood decking is able to fit within most budgets, especially if you’re looking for a material that will stand the test of time and requires very little to maintain.

If you own a real Tigerwood deck, we’d love to hear from you. What do you think about your space? We’d love to see you enjoying a warm summer day on your deck, too! Feel free to send us pictures of your Tigerwood deck…for really nice pictures (hi-resolution, staged pics, etc.) we will throw in a special gift…for free!

2 thoughts on “Want to Remodel your Deck? Upgrade with Tigerwood”

  1. Once a Tiger Wood deck is installed, what must be done to maintain it? I can’t seem to find that question answered though it is stated that maintence is low. So what does low consist of?

  2. If you want to keep the color, you should apply a coat of Ipe Oil once every 1-2 years (depending on your local climate). If you don’t mind the wood fading to gray, you don’t really have to do anything.

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