Tigerwood Decking in San Francisco, CA

Decking in California
This Tigerwood deck will be an attractive place for patrons to sit, eat, and relax.

Why is Tigerwood a great decking option for California homes and businesses?

For starters, Tigerwood is instantly attractive. Many of our customers in California have told us that they enjoy working with such an easy material because it cuts labor costs and install time. We’ve even had customers call us to say that the second their commercial project was completed they saw an immediate increase in business thanks to more walk in traffic and customer interest.

It’s not hard to imagine people walking by this pizza parlor in San Francisco and staring at it.  With those rich colors of rusty oranges, brown, and dark black streaks you would only need one attempt to guess this wood’s name. From California to New York, you can find more and more outside commercial projects using exotic  and eco-friendly decking materials like Tigerwood.

Looks aside, there are some very practical reasons why Tigerwood is a great choice for commercial applications.Tigerwood decking

  • Durability – Tigerwood is an all-weather wood decking material that is ideal for any climate
  • Reliable & Safe – Naturally slip and scratch resistant
  • Genuine Wood – Incomparable beauty plastic decking can only aspire to
  • Affordable – High class without the high price tag
  • Worry free – There’s no need to fuss over maintenance issues
  • Easy Installation – Tigerwood is very easy to cut and install

Are you interested in Tigerwood for your California home? Visit our Tigerwood Decking to order direct from the importer for increased savings.

Commercial inquiries: Please visit our Wholesale Decking page to get a quote on any of the decking materials Advantage Trim & Lumber carries.

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  1. Gary,

    We offer two products, one is the Messmers UV Plus the other is Ipe Oil. Both of which are penetrating UV inhibiting oil finishes. Both of the products will help to maintain the natural color of the Tigerwood Decking. Personally I suggest using the Ipe Oil. This product seems to bring out the grain of the material a little better while also holding the color just a little longer. I use the Ipe Oil on my own personal projects with great results. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you, thank you for your time.

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