Tigerwood Decking – Durability with Smoking Hot Good Looks

Tigerwood creates an outdoor space you'll want to show off.

Let’s be honest. That is one awesome looking deck. We get pictures like the one above from satisfied homeowners every day. The people who send us these pics tell us that after they installed the Tigerwood decking they bought from Advantage that neighbors who never even said so much as a “Hello” all of a sudden say things like, “Wow. What kind of wood is that!?” and “That is one nice looking deck. Great job on the build!” The rusty browns and black mottled streaks of Tigerwood create a space you won’t want to step away from. It’s density also gives it properties that make it last well over 25 years. Mold and decay resistance give you exceptional structural integrity. For kids, the fact that Tigerwood is really hard to scratch or splinter means that bare feet will be safe. Oh, and when it rains? Tigerwood dries fast and thanks to reliable slip resistance. Oh, and those looks!

Why settle for the decking that advertises that says it “looks just like” something when you can have the real thing? Since when did picking material more expensive that didn’t even look as good become acceptable? Our Tigerwood is an eco-friendly choice because it has been cultivated and harvested through sustainable forestry practices. Also, thanks to its long-life, a Tigerwood deck will not need to be replaced in 3-5 years like many plastic options.

Ultimately, hardwoods like Tigerwood and Cumaru offer something that composites just can’t compete with – the genuine.

These reliable hardwoods offer you genuine benefits and looks that will make your home an attractive place to spend the day or evening.

Want to learn more? Want to buy Tigerwood right now? Get a free quote when you call us below, or head over to the Advantage Trim & Lumber hardwood decking store.

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