Hardwood Lumber 101 – Poplar Wood

Poplar Lumber
Poplar wood is available in standard sizes & thin wood.

Woodworkers and turners rely on AdvantageLumber.com to supply high-quality hardwood lumber. One common utility hardwood that we offer is Poplar Wood.

For centuries, Poplar has been used in countries throughout the world. In fact, Poplar was such a useful wood that scientists have recently found a Poplar wood door made in the Stone Age! Read about this 5,000 year old Stone Age door found in Switzerland.

Poplar is a very beneficial hardwood because it is both versatile and inexpensive. It is also well known for its coloring. Poplar sapwood has a light cream to yellowish color and its heartwood has a greenish brown color with streaks of gray. It is typically straight grained, with a fine texture. It accepts paint exceptionally well and can be stained to look like almost any kind of wood.

Poplar wood is great for commercial uses like furniture construction, molding, trim work, and plywood. It is particularly used for paint grade cabinets and cabinet framing. However, it does have some restrictions. Poplar is a softer wood (Janka hardness of 300), so it is weak when it comes to durability. You should avoid using Poplar wood for flooring or any outdoor projects. Why? Due to its permeability, Poplar is susceptible to insect attack and decay, so stay away from using it for decking or siding.

Check out the Poplar wood section of our website for additional technical specifications. You can also buy Poplar lumber online.

Are you in need of a great domestic hardwood? Look no further. AdvantageLumber.com offers a wide variety of hardwood lumber that is affordable and perfect for any project.

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  1. I know a lot of people that are using Poplar wood for their hardwood floors. I have heard that it has a nice finish and it is easy to clean. I wouldn’t mind having it installed if we ever remodel again.

  2. Poplar is a beautiful wood! It can be used in a variety of projects because of it’s more resistant to warping and twisting than other popular woods.
    We can manufacture Poplar flooring and its a great option for any home.

    A homeowner actually did his roof with Poplar and shared some pictures with us here: http://blog.advantagelumber.com/?p=5587

    If you have any questions feel free to give us a call: 1-877-232-3915 or send is another message here, or an e-mail to [email protected]

    Thank you for visiting our blog!
    -G. Alves

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