Hardwood Lumber 101 – Basswood

Basswood lumber
Finished Basswood offers warm golden tones

Finding the right wood to use for your next project can be difficult. Advantage Lumber makes it simple because we have such great options in hard and soft domestic lumber. One common soft wood is Basswood Lumber.

Basswood’s beautiful lumber is taken from the American basswood tree. It has white sapwood and its heartwood is creamy white to a pale pinkish-brown. It has straight grains and a fine, even texture. The consistency makes Basswood easy to work with. It is a very popular wood that many of our beginning and expert woodworking clients like to order. Why?

Basswood has such great potential for such a soft wood. It has a Janka hardness of 410 which makes it the perfect wood for projects that call for careful detail and a steady hand. Woodworkers and carpenters most commonly use Basswood for picture framing, trim, paneling, boxes, veneer, and toys. However, it is most popularly used for carving projects. Basswood lumber is ideal for carving because it has soft, tight grains, which allow the wood to show such intricate details. It is also a great paint grade wood. Basswood is non-porous, which allows the paint to sit on the surface of the wood and not be absorbed.

AdvantageLumber.com has more information about Basswood on their website. They also have Basswood lumber on our online store.

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