Hardwood Lumber 101 – Ash Wood

Ash lumber
Ash provides woodworkers with a high impact strength material.

Woodworkers have so many choices of domestic hardwood to choose from. For many woodworkers though, they usually start by asking themselves, “What wood would be perfect for a ____” For those woodworkers looking for the finest quality wood to use for sporting goods and athletic equipment, your best option is Ash Wood.

Ash is a very popular wood to use for baseball bats, boat oars, and pool cues. It is a beneficial wood for these projects thanks to its great bending strength, toughness, stiffness, and hardness. (It has a Janka hardness of 1320.) It also has high shock resistance, which is very important in the sports industry where contact is involved.  When watching a baseball game on TV, it’s Ash that provides that “crack of the bat.”

Ash wood is not only very durable, but it also has such great visual appeal. Ash sapwood is light brown, while the Ash heartwood is brown to grayish brown, sometimes with a reddish hint. It is a dense hardwood, with straight closed grains and a smooth texture. Ash wood can easily be painted, stained, or you can choose to leave it in its natural state.

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