Hardwood 101 – Beech Wood

Beech wood lumber
Learn why Beech wood is used by woodworkers throughout the world.

When it comes to domestic hardwood lumber, you want the best in terms of beauty and quality. Advantage Trim and Lumber Co. supplies just that. One option for domestic hardwood is Beech Wood.

Beech heartwood is dark to light reddish-brown, and its sapwood is white with a reddish shade. It is uniform in texture, with straight grains and tiny pores. Beech is a relatively hard wood, with a Janka hardness of 1300. This stiffness gives Beech wood high crush strength and high resistance to shock. It also has great durability, specifically with its bending characteristics and gluing properties. Its versatility helps it hold oils and stains, and it does so with ease.

Beech wood is used in many projects. It is frequently used for food containers and butcher blocks, due to the fact that it is tasteless and odorless. It is also a popular wood for furniture, flooring, veneers, cabinet making, trim, turnery, and clothes pins. In addition, it is often used as fuel wood because it is highly dense and has good burning qualities. Any beer drinker is familiar with the phrase, “Beech wood aged” specifically because of those properties mentioned above.

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