10 Things You Can Build with Ipe Wood

Pergola made of Ipe Wood
This Pergola made of ipe wood will last for decades and will stand up to the everyday stresses of a hot and humid tropical environment.

Ipe wood can be useful and dependable in many applications. Because this exotic hardwood is so durable it can be used in a wide variety of outdoor applications. With high strength characteristics such as mold, decay, and insect resistance, you can build with confidence and create a truly noteworthy structure of your very own.

Here are the 10 things you can build with Ipe (specifically ipe boards that run from 3′ to 7′):

  1. Pergolas (as seen above)
  2. Outdoor playground – The frame alone will have structural integrity far better than other woods
  3. Outdoor Kitchen
  4. Garden Bridge
  5. Benches
  6. Adirondack furniture
  7. Flower boxes
  8. Outdoor tables
  9. Docks
  10. Gazebos (check out this extensive deck photo gallery that includes an ipe gazebo)

Sure, ipe is tough to work with. But, you can’t argue with the results. You can build something pretty remarkable when you use ipe shorts (boards from 1′ to 7′ in length)

If you’d like to build with one of nature’s most enduring and dependable wood’s, you can buy ipe wood online or contact us directly:

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  1. How well do you think Ipe would hold up in a sauna? We need to rebuild the sauna benches in our Recreation Center at BSU. The normal White Ceder starts deterring and falling apart with-in two years. The main problem is that the screws are totally rotted away in that time and need replaced. I was told they used stainless steel screws last time, but I’m not convinced.

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