Ipe Oil™ – The Best Deck Oil For Hardwood Decking

Introducing the best deck oil available, Ipe Oil™!

Introducing the best deck oil available, Ipe Oil!

Recently, the Ipe Clip® Company unveiled a new deck finish product called Ipe Oil™. This premium decking oil, finished hardwood decks made from durable, and some would say stubborn, hardwoods like ipe. Ipe Oil™ offers deck builders and homeowners who are installing an ipe deck with:

  • Superior protection from both:
    • U.V. rays
    • Water
  • A low VOC deck finish
  • Coverage of approx. 300 sq. ft.
  • Over 40% solids content
  • A low odor decking oil
  • Reduces the chances of deck boards cracking and warping
  • Aids in keeping the hardwoods like ipe looking new

If you want to finish your hardwood deck using the best deck oil, contact us today to order. That’s right, Ipe Oil works with all exotic hardwoods  including Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Meranti, Brazilian Cherry, Massaranduba, Bangkirai, Red Balau, and many more!

UPDATE 6/27/2011: As you can see below, we are getting a lot of questions about Ipe Oil™. We’re happy to answer any question you might have. Tell us how this product has helped. We’d love to see BEFORE and AFTER pictures! Upload your newly oiled hardwood deck pictures here! The best pictures will be featured in our newsletter as well as our Featured Deck Projects section!

107 thoughts on “Ipe Oil™ – The Best Deck Oil For Hardwood Decking

  1. Peter Horne

    I live in England and have IPE decking. I have searched the internet for IPE oil as it is rated the best oil to put on my decking but have been unable to find a supplier . Could u pls advise me if there are any stockists in England that I can buy this oil from or any in the U.S.A willing to ship it to England . Many Thanks Peter Horne .

  2. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    I’m not sure if there are any suppliers in England. Unfortunately, there are regulations that make it very difficult to ship Ipe Oil overseas, so ordering from the U.S. may prove difficult.

  3. Al Walker

    I just finished applying ipe oil 1 year after the deck was installed. I had put a coating on it a few months after installation but it did not do well–the wood was too new. This time it looked great–until the hard rain came about 15 hours after completion. It of course looks like hell now–where the water puddled it really looks bad but a lot of the deck still looks ok. The bad places really look like very little oil is on the wood. Do you think I could apply the oil to only those areas or do I need to clean it an try again? Do I need to sand at this point? It is hard to predict the weather in NC–on days where there is a 0 percent chance of rain we still stand a chance of getting a quick shower so weather forecasts don’t mean much.

  4. G. Alves


    Sometimes weather can cause problems if you’re trying to finish your deck. You can try re applying oil in the area where the rain stood the longest, but it may look consistent with the rest of the deck. If that doesn’t work well, try scrubbing your deck with mild dish soap and warm water, allow it to dry and then apply Ipe Oil again. With good luck you’ll have dry climate for a day or two and your deck will look great once again.

    If those methods fail, you will have to use a cleaner & brightener for hardwoods like the DeckWise or Messemer’s brand and Oil the entire deck.

    Hope this helps you out Al,
    -G. Alves

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