How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

Every piece of lumber is unique. No one tree is the same. Every board in your deck is going to have different characteristics. Once installed, you want to give your deck the proper maintenance it needs to increase its lifetime and your overall enjoyment. Be rest assured, even though a deck made of Brazilian hardwoods is proven to outlast and outperform softer materials, giving it a little attention once in a while is a good thing (After all, even a Lamborghini needs its oil changed and tires rotated!) Here are some guidelines to follow to maintain the lifetime and beauty of your hardwood deck.

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How to Refresh Your Hardwood Deck this Spring

wood deck finish
Learn how easy it is to apply hardwood deck finish.

Shielding your deck from the sun’s UV rays is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the life of your outdoor retreat.

Spring is FINALLY here. At Advantage, one way we can tell it’s getting warmer is the influx of calls we get  from customers and general deck owners like you who are looking for a fast and affordable way to finish their deck.

Do you need a way to liven up the color AND protect your hardwood deck from ultraviolet rays without having to apply coat after coat of chemical sealers? Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll extend the life and beauty of your deck:

  1. Sweep excess dirt, debris & leaves from your deck surface (make sure gaps are cleared).
  2. Pre-rinse the surface with a garden hose.
  3. Wait until the deck surface is completely dry (at least 24 hours in most areas).
  4. Using a standard 3/8″ nap paint roller, apply a specially formulated deck oil finish for hardwood decking (like Ipe Oil™).
  5. Rub in any excess or pooled liquid that remains after 5 minutes using a dry rag.
  6. Let dry completely.


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