5 Simple Ways to Save When You Buy Decking

How to Buy Wood Decking
The research this homeowner did prior to buying Ipe has paid off.

It’s almost Summer and thousands of homeowners across the country are getting ready to start working on their deck. Some will be remodeling and many will be building a deck for the first time. But, before hammer goes to nail, the question you must answer is, “What kind of material is best for decking?”

Should you go with real wood decking, or composite “wood” decking? Regular readers of this blog already know the limitations and problems that plague composite deck materials. Let’s face it; if plastic decking were so good, wood decking would be obsolete. But, because of the documented issues that both composite and PVC decking face, many people are opting for real wood deck materials.

So, let’s say that you chose to buy wood decking. What material should you choose, and what pitfalls are to be avoided when buying decking?

Here are 5 Ways to Save Money When You Buy Decking:

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Wood of the Week – Cumaru

Known as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru is one of the world’s finest hardwoods. Flooring experts, designers, and contractors tend to rave about the inherent qualities found in this exceptional exotic hardwood. Here’s the most important facts about Cumaru: Color can vary from a golden tan to reddish brown Some dark grain accents may be present throughout …

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Is Wood Decking Right for You?

There’s a ton of misleading information out there about the best decking on the market. It’s getting harder and harder to decipher the truth from mere marketing and fancy packaging. It’s because of this confusion that people are turning back to materials that are proven to stand the test of time. Hardwood decking is, once …

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Deck Design of the Week – Tigerwood Decking in New York

Deck Design of the Week Tigerwood Decking Shines in New York Building a Tigerwood deck is a rewarding experience. Many deck builders and homeowners choose this exotic hardwood because of its gorgeous golden brown colors and dark streaks. The fact that it is also more affordable and just as durable as the most expensive composite …

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