The Rise of Open Joint Cladding: A Modern Architectural Trend

TimberTech by Azek Open Joint Cladding Vintage English Walnut

The built environment is constantly evolving. As we probe further into the 21st century, designers, architects, and builders are unearthing sustainable, aesthetically-pleasing, and innovative construction methods. A noteworthy trend that has been gaining traction in contemporary architectural practices is open joint cladding. Let’s delve deeper into this trend, its benefits, and its influence on the …

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What is Shiplap Siding

Ipe Shiplap SIding

Shiplap siding is a type of siding typically made from solid wood featuring a rabbet joint or groove on either side of each board. When installed, the boards slightly overlap, creating a distinct visual effect with evenly spaced horizontal seams. It’s often used both on the exterior of buildings and indoors for a rustic or …

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Ipe Hardwood Siding For Your Business

Ipe Siding

Customers are attracted to businesses that look great and stand out. But standing out is difficult when you use the same materials as other businesses. One way to outshine the competition is to use a natural hardwood like Ipe for siding. Wood radiates a welcoming environment and evokes wholesome emotions that other materials can’t replicate.

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The Eco-friendly Art Deco Decking

We've brought back South Beach's Art Deco Decking
We’ve brought back South Beach’s Art Deco Decking

Art Deco is one of the classic styles of building that was made famous during the 1920’s – 1940’s. This style is characterized by narrow, bold geometrical shapes that are usually lavishly ornamented. In many areas across the United States like South Beach, the eclectic Art Deco style has begun a renaissance but not in traditional buildings rather in other structures like decks, porches, and siding of houses.

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Wood of the Month: American Cherry


This piece of mill run American Cherry is similar to the piece used in the counter top
This piece of mill run American Cherry is similar to the one used as a counter top

Counter top created out of a rough cut piece of American Cherry
This counter top created out of a rough cut piece of American Cherry, added character to this kitchen

Often used in furniture making, wood working, and flooring, American Cherry has become a staple in the industry because of it’s ease of handling. It has had a strong, positive reputation for many years with wood workers. Unfortunately, this beautiful wood is often stained to the point where its  colors are lost. The natural tones of American Cherry range from light browns to darker reddish tones, with highlights of white from sap wood.  

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2014 IBS
2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV recently returned from exhibiting at the 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV. IBS is the nation’s largest annual residential housing construction trade event for manufacturers and suppliers of home construction products and services.

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