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Ipe Wood Bundle Sale – Get Discounts on Complete Decking Bundles

Ipe Wood Bundle

Our Premium Grade Ipe Wood Decking is On Sale

We’re offering a select number of Ipe wood bundles and fasteners for sale. Save hundreds of dollars with these ipe bundles.

Now, you don’t have to scour the internet for deck fasteners, end seal, or deck finish. You can build a complete deck with these kits.

Want more info? Check out the hardwood bundle page for more information.

Buy Ipe T&G Online Today

Buy Tongue & Groove Ipe Decking Today

Advantage Trim & Lumber now offers a quick, easy, and affordable way to find Ipe T&G. Now, buy tongue and groove ipe decking can be as easy as ordering a book from

We have all the sizes you would need with the best prices:

Lengths from 3 to 20 feet are available. And, if you have a custom order, you can always contact us directly: 1-877-232-3915


Buy Ipe Decking Online from

We’re proud to introduce a new, easy, and affordable way to buy ipe decking.

After doing much research and upon the request of our loyal customers, we have developed a Hardwood Store unlike any other.

Currently, you can buy ipe decking from the comfort of your home. So, if at 2AM, you decide to build a deck, you can log into your personal account and buy ipe, deck tools, and accessories easily and securely.

The best part? Because you can now buy hardwood from the online store today, you can save even more money due to really low hardwood prices.

We’ll be introducing more hardwood species in the coming months. In the meantime, you can call us directly to order or ask about any of the other hardwood flooring and decking options that are in stock right now.

Looking for Hardwood Decking Prices?

Ipe Decking PricesAt we have hardwood decking prices that can’t be beat. No other hardwood supplier in the country sells true sustainable wood at such low prices.

If you do happen to stumble upon a vendor that is severely under market, ask yourself this? Where did they get their wood from? How can I be sure it’s the best grade?

It may be an old saying, but it always rings true: You get what you pay for.

With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to go with the company that for years has consistently been the Number 1 supplier of hardwood decking species like ipe?

Save money, time, and get the peace of mind you need when you buy hardwood direct from Check out our decking sale, to save on hardwood decking.

How Much Snow Can Ipe Decking Handle?

Ipe Deck and Snow Load

This hot tub and Japanese style pagoda were made of Ipe because of its high strength capabilities.

With Winter right around the corner, many people are asking us about ipe decking’s capacity for snow load.

Since no two decks are the same, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much snow per square feet it would take to actually distress a deck to the point of breaking. BUT, what we can say for sure is that ipe decking has been ASTM-D143 tested. Ipe wood decking has a maximum bending strength of 22,560 psi (Pounds per square inch)!  your ipe deck might even be stronger  than the frame that supports it!

Or, to put it more simply: The result of these tests reveal that ipe decking is 3 times more durable than cedar decking.

If you already own an ipe deck, you’re probably not even sweating the upcoming winter. And, for good reason. With ipe wood’s high density, tight, interlocking grain, and natural oils, it dries fast and weathers well. Also, when you follow the recommended finishing schedule, (using a deck finish product like Ipe Oil™) you can also have peace of mind knowing that your deck surface will be able to repel water even better than it already does!

When you buy ipe decking from us, you will also get premium grade ipe from the Lapacho species. What does this mean for you? Well, it’s simple: Continue reading

How To Install Ipe Decking

Ipe Deck InstallationIf you’re just starting to think about building an ipe deck, Advantage Lumber has a very handy “How To Install Ipe Decking” guide. This guide is simple, easy to follow, and will make your ipe deck installation a smooth and successful one.

If you’ve done your research, you may have come across some true horror stories. I’ve even received emails from people who had many problems after their deck was finished. The unfortunate thing is, that many people, in an effort to save money, don’t use the very best and most reputable deck builders, or they don’t do enough homework.

At Advantage Lumber, we want to make sure that if you’re going to spend your hard earned money on this kind of home improvement project that it gets done right the first time! After all, building a deck is serious business. It can add thousands to your property value and also gives you and your friends and family a new way to enjoy the outdoors.

Now that winter is arriving, now may be the best time to build. Why? Think about it. After winter, wouldn’t you want a place to rest, relax and enjoy the weather right away? If you wait until Spring, you’ll waste those beautiful cool nights that could be spent outdoors (BEFORE the mosquitoes or other insects come around!).

If you’re shopping around for the best ipe decking prices, look no further than the ipe decking sale at! We are running some great deals on PREMIUM grade ipe as well as Tigerwood and Cumaru. Now is the time to take advantage of hardwood prices that are this low!

The Customer Service Commitment SealAs a national importer of lumber and hardwood, Advantage Lumber is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Here’s what you can expect from the nation’s leading ipe decking distributor:

  • Low ipe decking prices
  • Great decking sales
  • Convenient office hours
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • An extensive inventory of:
    • Hardwood decking
    • Hardwood flooring
    • Hardwood Siding

You can contact us via phone whether you have a simple question or need to get a quote on decking materials like ipe wood. Our team lives and breathes hardwood materials and actually enjoy helping people. We feel that in order to provide good customer service, you can’t just say, it. You have to back it up. Check out what people have been saying with some ipe wood reviews.

We offer convenient office hours so people from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA can contact an hardwood expert to get their questions answered.

We look forward to hearing from you!