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How To Convert Square Feet to Linear Feet


The lumber industry has a lot of terms that are often very tough to navigate especially if it’s the first time anyone considered buying wood. Most wood products are sold per piece or per square foot. Often a lot of people won’t know how to convert from square feet to linear feet and if they order amounts per the square foot then there will be a very big shortage of material. Luckily we do provide a handy dandy square feet to linear feet calculator that’ll do the hard work and a page that explains what lumber sizing is! But, have you wondered how exactly the calculation happens?
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How To Build Better Stairs for Your Deck

Turn your stairway into an accent piece instead of a necessary structure.

Turn your stairway into an accent piece instead of just a necessary structure.

Stair building is an art form of its own. The perfect set of stairs makes a comfortable transition between areas. How often have you been on a deck where the stairs were too narrow, too long, or they just looked odd? Stairs need to be properly built for comfort, safety, and appearance. Remember, every deck is different, and building the correct set of stairs for your particular project enhances the appearance and creates safety for your guests.

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Deck Fastening Methods: Choosing the Right Fastener

The Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastener is the highest quality deck fastener on the market.

The Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastener is the highest quality hidden fastener on the market.

There are many different methods when it comes to fastening deck boards. Some say that surface screwing is simply the best fastening process, and all other techniques are a waste of time.  Those who do choose to use hidden deck fasteners, sometimes rely on cheaper, generic brands. Fasteners that are drilled straight through the joist just don’t give you the holding power you need for your hardwood deck.

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Attention Renters! Remodel a Drab Porch with Deck Tiles


Sick of the way your balcony looks at your apartment or condo? Want a change but don’t want to invest in something you are just renting? Advantage Deck Tiles are THE solution. Turn your home’s gray and boring deck or balcony into a elegant space to relax and entertain friends TODAY!

Instead of covering it with a carpet, or asking permission to repaint the surface, why not put down a deck that you can actually own?

Advantage Deck Tiles are the portable decking solution that lasts longer and outperforms other solutions, period. How nice do deck tiles really look? Check out this one DIY project video below. The person installing these deck tiles rented this home and filled up his covered porch in just an hour. Since the filming of this how-to install video, he’s actually moved to a new home. And, guess what? He brought his deck with him! Watch the video to see how easy it is to replace an outdoor carpet, replace it with deck tiles, and have a completely captivating new space you can call your own! And, don’t forget to check out our deck tile sale happening now!

Wood Ceiling Planks Bring Elegance & Tradition to Any Porch or Sunroom

Have you ever looked up at your ceiling and felt…anything at all? Odds are, probably not. However, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a home with wood ceilings, you know. You know that sense of warmth and comfort that you get any time you step into that room. There’s just something different about rooms that have a more dynamic aesthetic look to them. It’s not easy to put into words. But, when you have it, you know.

At, we custom mill tongue and groove wood ceiling planks. From our mills here in the United States, we take special care to ensure that every plank is milled carefully as if it were being installed in our own home.

These planks don’t just have to be installed on a ceiling. They make excellent wall paneling, too.

If you’re looking to enhance the look of a covered porch or sunroom, let us help you. Get your free wood ceiling plank quote today.

*Painted ceilings should be constructed with a wood that actually accepts painting such as Poplar. Super dense hardwoods such as Ipe are NOT able to be painted due to the the oily natural properties of the wood rejecting top-coat finishes.