Trex Decking Changes for 2024

In 2024, Trex, a leading innovator in composite decking, is set to introduce significant changes to its product lineup, enhancing both aesthetic and functional aspects of its offerings. Here’s a closer look at these exciting developments.

Introduction of “Island Mist” to Trex Transcend Lineage

The Trex Transcend Lineage product line, known for its superior durability and aesthetic appeal, is welcoming a new color option: “Island Mist.” This addition is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The “Island Mist” shade is designed to complement a wide range of exterior designs, providing homeowners with more flexibility in personalizing their outdoor spaces.

Enhanced Heat Reflection Technology

One of the standout features of the Transcend Lineage series, and now of the “Island Mist” color option, is its advanced heat reflection technology. This innovation addresses a common issue with outdoor decking — surface heat.

Especially in warmer climates, decks can become uncomfortably hot underfoot. Trex’s heat reflection technology ensures that the Lineage decking, including those in the “Island Mist” color, remain cooler, enhancing comfort during sunny days.

Changes in Board Length Availability

Another significant change coming in 2024 concerns the lengths of Trex decking boards. Trex has announced that standard square edge boards will no longer be available in 12-foot lengths.

This decision likely stems from market research and manufacturing considerations, aiming to optimize the product range for the most common customer needs and preferences. Make sure you take this into account when designing your Trex deck projects in 2024.

Continued Availability of Grooved Boards

It’s important to note that while the 12-foot standard square edge boards are being phased out, the grooved boards will still be available in this length. Grooved boards are popular for their compatibility with hidden fastening systems, providing a sleek, screw-free deck surface.

This continuation ensures that customers seeking shorter grooved boards for specific design or functional requirements can still find suitable options within the Trex range.

Implications for Consumers and the Market

These changes reflect Trex’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The introduction of “Island Mist” to the Transcend Lineage line, combined with the heat reflection technology, addresses both aesthetic and comfort needs.

On the other hand, the adjustment in board lengths indicates Trex’s responsiveness to market trends and manufacturing efficiency. These changes help Trex optimize their inventory to maximize the most in demand Trex Deck board options that customers are seeking.


Trex’s 2024 updates showcase the company’s dedication to evolving with customer preferences and technological advancements. By adding “Island Mist” to its popular Lineage line and refining its product dimensions, Trex continues to position itself as a leader in the composite decking industry, offering high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and functional decking solutions for homeowners and professionals alike.

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