How Thick is Trex Decking?

Trex decking comes in various profiles and product lines. The typical thicknesses for Trex deck boards are:

Standard Deck Boards:

These are usually 1 inch thick. This dimension is consistent across most of Trex’s product lines, including Trex Signature®, Trex Transcend®, Trex Enhance® and Trex Select®. The actual finished dimensions of these deck boards are .94″ thick x 5.5″ wide.

Fascia Boards:

Trex also offers fascia boards, which are used to cover decking edges and frame the deck for a finished look. The fascia boards are typically thinner as they are not meant for decking which you would walk on instead they are primarily cosmetic and used to cover your deck framing, stair stringers etc…

The 1 x 8 Fascia has actual finished dimensions of: .56″ thick x 7.25″ wide x 12′ long

How Wide is Trex Decking?

All 1 x 6 Trex deck boards have an actual finished width of 5.5″ wide. When calculating your deck layout make sure you calculate how many deck boards will be needed based on the actual width plus the recommended deck board spacing between each deck board.

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