Looking for Cost-Effective Exotic Hardwood Decking? Check Out Tigerwood

The alluring pictures of beautiful decks and other outdoor retreats have driven many homeowners to rethink and remodel their outdoor spaces in order to create the ideal escape within their own backyard.

The pictures show an idyllic retreat made with beautiful, uniform wood. Typically, the woods used in the pictures resemble the look of Ipe and more often than not, it is Ipe. The bad news is that Ipe is an expensive wood but lucky for you, there are other equally beautiful alternatives like Tigerwood.


Unlike many of the woods that are uniform and may make many decks very similar in appearance, Tigerwood is a lot more unique in character and grain pattern. Tigerwood decking is the very definition of exotic with dark streaks lining the boards that provide an amazing contrast to the grain colors that range from light-brown to orange. You can see the look for yourself here:

The most important thing, and the reason why you’re reading this, is that Tigerwood gives you an amazing value for the money! For many, Ipe is an excess, a luxury that comes at a steep price for a 75+ year lifespan that you may not even really need.

Tigerwood on the other hand, offers a more modest lifespan of 30+ years, but it’s a lifespan that’s much longer than most other “typical” decking woods or synthetic materials and still provides a unique and exotic beauty not found in any other decking product.

Tigerwood Decking
Tigerwood Decking

This lifespan is sufficient for most homeowners that have lived in their house for many years, or those tired of replacing the same old pressure treated or redwood every 5 years, or simply for people looking to resell their home later down the line. After all, an exotic hardwood deck significantly raises the value of a home.

Amazingly, despite the much lower price of Tigerwood when compared to Ipe, it still retains all the wonderful properties of an exotic Brazilian species such as rot resistance, bug resistance, mold and fungus resistance, and slip resistance. Strength wise, it’s about 3x harder than your typical decking woods and almost 4x as hard as Redwood or Cedar!

It’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of pictures in magazines, but instead of being dissuaded by the cost of woods like Ipe, look for alternatives that’ll give you the best value for your money while still maintaining the properties of an exotic Brazilian hardwood.

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  1. Hello I’m about to build a deck and I’ve considered using composite decking. I would be interested to find out about a tiger wood deck. Whom do I contact about this?

  2. I’ll have one of our sales reps email you. You can also give us a call at 1-877-232-3915

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