My Deck Feels Tacky After Oiling It. How Can I Fix It?

If you recently oiled your hardwood deck and ended up with a tacky mess, you’re not alone. Every spring we get many calls from homeowners who find their feet sticking to their deck. They just wanted to spruce up their deck for the upcoming summer parties and family gatherings; now their deck is unusable.

This problem stems from the improper application of the hardwood finishing oil. Always read the labels before using any deck oil product, because their step-by-step instructions contain the key to avoiding this exact problem. One of these very important steps is to wipe off excess oil within a few minutes of applying it.

This is the trick. This is the step that, when forgotten, leaves you with a sticky  deck. This can lead to dirt accumulation, making your deck look filthy and uninviting.

If this describes your deck, don’t worry; it’s easy to fix. Using a rejuvenating product for hardwoods like DeckWise Cleaner & Brightener will refresh your deck’s surface and restore it to its original state. This process only takes an hour or so, and once your deck is fully dry you can reapply the oil correctly.

One thought on “My Deck Feels Tacky After Oiling It. How Can I Fix It?

  1. James Bergman

    I suppose it is my own fault for not reading the instructions. Still, I wish there was a better way than having to remove the finish and reapply it. Oh well, I have learned my lesson and will never just assume that I know how to oil a deck. Thanks for the help resolving my problem.

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