Florida Breaking Ground For New Kiln & Wood Slab Expansion

This week our Sarasota, FL facility broke ground for a new kiln and an extensive wood slab production space. The new wood slab space will provide us with more area to store and air-dry a greater selection of wood slabs. The 10,000-board-foot dehumidifying kiln will bring our company-wide drying capabilities to 600,000 board feet. This includes dehumidification, vacuum, and conventional steam kilns.

The Sarasota facility is quickly becoming a hub for wood workers, contractors, and homeowners to shop for a variety of domestic and exotic woods. With our constant growth, new product lines, and wood shop classes, we want to continue supporting all our local and national customers. Remember that any slab you see can be shipped anywhere in the nation! Visit AdvantageLumber.com for prices on lumber and WoodSlabs.com for any slab projects.

Foundation for new dehumidification kiln

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