How to Build a Bench Around a Tree

Framing a deck around a tree is a simple idea that can add a little extra character to your outdoor space. Building a bench around the tree is an excellent way to achieve this, plus, it give you extra seating outside for when you entertain your guest on those blissful summer nights

Understanding the Tree

Entirely encasing the tree is a sure way to hinder its growth. Make sure you understand the root system and the type of tree you have. Framing the deck around the tree properly does not only prolong the life of the tree, it allows you to enjoy your deck without any possibility of the deck invading the tree’s space, or the tree invading the deck’s space.

Building the Bench

Measure the diameter of the tree. Add six inches if the tree is mature, and add twelve inches if the tree is young. Take this measurement and divide it by 1.75, this will be the measurement of the innermost part of the seat. Cut these ends at 30° angle, allowing the longer side to face you. For the rest of the seats, use this piece as a template. Lay three more boards out and use the 30° lines to trace and cut the boards. This will make the innermost board the shortest, and the outermost board the longest. Arrange these boards in a hexagonal shape and adjust them as necessary.

Now it’s time to make the legs! For maximum support, cut an inner and outer leg to be supported between two stringer boards. Make the legs the length of the seat, minus three inches, this will leave room for an apron. Cut twelve legs to these lengths and adjust as necessary. Bolt the stringers to the legs, making sure that the legs are sandwiched between the stringers. Use stainless steel bolts to secure the legs together and attach the seat to the legs. Measure and secure the apron.

Adding cushions or pillows will bring the indoors outside and make it a little more comfortable. Now you have a lovely outdoor space that you will be glad to show off the next time you entertain your friends and family.

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