Wood of the Month: Alder

Alder is classified as a domestic hardwood; on the Janka hardness scale, it beats poplar and pine. Its appearance is light brown mixed with varied red tones and a straight grain pattern. This straight pattern provides a clean finished look for many projects. As Alder ages, it darkens and reddens unlike other woods that tend to fade. Alder is typically used for furniture, cabinetry, picture frames, and many other indoor projects because of its malleability.

Alder grows in abundance throughout the western United States. This domestic wood is easy to work with and mimics the look of other hardwoods. Prized for its color, grain and workability, Alder is a highly sought after wood for flooring as well.

At AdvantageLumber.com we have one of the widest selections of domestic woods available. We can mill Alder to any profile your project requires, including molding, trim pieces, and flooring.

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