Wood of The Month: Hickory

Simply mentioning the word “Hickory” can make mouths water, thanks to its association with a BBQ, but there’s more to Hickory than a delicious flavor. It’s a prominent tree in the Southeast, and grows very large, reaching heights of 160 feet and expanding to 7 feet in diameter. It’s also a wood that’s readily available right in our North Carolina facility.

Hickory is a fairly strong wood that blunts cutting tools, but takes finishes and glues beautifully. One of Hickory’s key characteristics is the ability to be steam bent, which is something wood workers look for when making very unique pieces.

Hickory is often chosen for its rustic look of sharply contrasting variations of light and dark. Its various knots, lend it a charming character.

Hickory is commonly used in flooring and trim, which we custom mill in our North Carolina facility. With our state of the art machinery, we can create long flooring boards while maintaining a high standard of quality. Below you’ll find pictures of our hard workers in North Carolina creating an order of long-length Hickory Flooring.

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