Brazilian Decking…why is it so special?

Brazilian Decking
You get so much more out of Brazilian Decking than good looks.

People who first find us online often ask, “Why do you sell hardwoods from Brazil and not composite decking?”

Our answer is always the same: “We only sell products that make our customers happy.”

Check out some of the reviews we’ve received that highlight how hardwood leads to solid decks that can be lived on and not slaved over: Ipe Decking Reviews & Testimonials

At Advantage, we work with homeowners, contractors, and builders to ensure they receive only the finest quality hardwood decking from South America, specifically Brazil. Our products are many things. Durable. Reliable. Resilient. Beautiful. Those benefits aren’t mere marketing hype. They’ve been backed by decades of use and proven by science.

Want to know just how durable Brazilian decking really is? Check out this innovative line of reclaimed ipe furniture inspired by some of the most famous landmarks and attractions of Coney Island, New York. The remarkable thing about these rare, one of a kind pieces is that the ipe the designers used is OVER 70 years old!

That fact alone clearly illustrates why we sell only hardwood decking. Our goal of helping you build a deck you can enjoy and pass onto future generations can’t happen if we sell products that have proven to be anything but reliable.

If you’re in the market for a new deck to build this winter, do yourself a favor guaranteed to save you time and money. Do a search on composite decking with the words “complaints,” “reviews,” “mold,” “lawsuits,” and “recalls.” If the last search for composite decking recalls doesn’t give you pause, then read some of the comments that people have left on many of the posts we have here on the subject.

Do you have follow-up questions? Comments? Do you want to send us pictures of your special outdoor living area built with our decking? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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