Brazilian Teak aka Cumaru – Ipe’s Little Brother Grows Up!

Brazilian Teak
Brazilian Teak aka Cumaru is one of nature's most durable and beautiful decking materials.

Not many people know this, but Brazilian Teak aka Cumaru has very similar properties to ipe. With a Janka hardness rating of 3540, Brazilian Teak is almost as strong as ipe and is a lot more affordable, too!

By far, the biggest reason why Cumaru is gaining in popularity is the cost. With demand for ipe at fever pitch levels, the price per lineal foot has also risen. Smart homeowners and contractors are now starting to see the benefits of going with and installing a Brazilian hardwood that is just as good as ipe, without the premium price tag. Unlike ipe, there’s also a more steady and abundant supply of Cumaru and it’s just as eco-friendly as Ipe, too.

Moreover, Brazilian Teak is a great choice if you want all the durability and slip resistance of ipe without the very dark brown color. In fact, Brazilian Teak usually comes in two wonderful flavors: reddish brown, or golden brown. A deck that blends the two is certain to stand out.

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