Build a Garden Bridge with Ipe Decking

Did you know that ipe decking makes great garden bridge material? Now, I am not just talking about the Brooklyn Bridge (which also uses ipe for its boardwalk). I am talking about building a bridge in your backyard area that goes over a pond, or garden. If you have seen those backyard renovation programs on television, you definitely know how a backyard bridge adds a ton of style and appeal.

So, when it comes to building a garden bridge, what makes ipe decking the best wood?

Like with any application, it all comes down to form, function, and price.

When it comes to looks, ipe decking looks the best both in the near and the long term. When you install ipe to make a bridge for your backyard, you will marvel at how gorgeous and, depending on whether or not you apply a deck finish like Ipe Oil™, how new it looks.

As far as function is concerned, no other hardwood will be as resilient to mold, decay, and termites than ipe. With the wood’s tight grain and natural oils, your bridge will have the best natural defenses against many common decking problems that plague other, inferior materials such as pressure treated, composites, or PVC decking.

As with most items you buy, you get what you pay for. And, when it comes to ipe bridge material, you get the combination of good looks and exceptional durability and more. No other hardwood bridge material gives you as high a ROI as ipe decking. How? When you factor in labor, resources, and materials, along with the years of maintenance free use, no other material comes even close.

Simply put, when you build an ipe garden bridge for your home, it will both outshine and outlast all other alternatives.

Ultimately, what does this mean for you?

If you buy ipe wood decking from, you will get premium grade ipe in many size options. We’ll even make sure that you order just the right amount of decking so that you save even more time and money.

Contact us today to order ipe wood for your garden bridge building project.

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