The Benefits of Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Brazilian Walnut flooring is a wonderful choice for any home. People mainly choose ipe for hardwood flooring because of the many benefits that this exotic wood provides.

For instance, did you know that this exotic flooring option is so dense that it does not need to be refinished as often as other, weaker, flooring options?

Also, thanks to it being a feature-rich 100% natural product, a floor made of ipe will last for decades and still look great.

Many people who have purchased ipe flooring have come back to us and said they had no idea how resistant to scratches and slivers their new hardwood floor actually was. Some of the many things said include how safe they feel now that they can let their children run across their floors barefoot. This peace of mind was a god-send to many moms and dads.

Of course, it was also nice to hear that they also loved the way their new floors looked.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to install flooring that is safe, durable, and beautiful, then you’ll do very well with ipe / Brazilian Walnut flooring.

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