Is Bocote Wood a Good Exotic Flooring Option?

Bocote flooring
The deep chocolate colored swirls make Bocote flooring a true standout.

When you are looking to make a change in your home, go big.  Look down and imagine how wonderful a new hardwood floor would be in your space.  Hardwood flooring is always a great choice, especially when if you like the look of something dramatic.  With many different exotic flooring options, it’s not hard to find something that fits your personal vision.  If you have been searching for a way to add visual punch to your space, then you need to consider Bocote hardwood flooring.

As you can see, Bocote hardwood flooring bodes a unique appearance.  This exotic hardwood displays intricate swirls and curved lines providing a stylish complexion beneath your feet.  Bocote is easy to work with and when the installation is complete, you will have a smooth finish. This dramatic looking floor choice is resistant to decay and in high demand.  Due to Bocote being stronger than some other available species, it is protective against dents or scratches while preserving the hardwoods natural beauty.

How would a new Bocote floor compare to installing a new carpet?

Available in a wide variety of colors and types, carpet flooring is a popular floor choice among many homeowners.  There is no question that carpeting can convey a decorative look while giving a cozy feel for your feet.  Do not let these positive attributes blind you to the more unattractive qualities of carpeting.  A magnet for bugs, dirt, dust and germs, carpet can very easily aggravate allergies.  It is a floor type that is difficult and expensive to maintain.  Make sure you look at all aspects before spending any money on a material you might have to replace in a short period of time.

Your home should have the best available to you.  To give your home that high end look you’ve been yearning for, consider Bocote wood flooring. Check out the sizes and widths of exotic hardwood flooring that Advantage currently has in stock.

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