Ipe Decking used for New Colorado Bridge

The town of Silverthorne, Colorado recently announced that their newest bridge over the Blue River will use ipe wood. According the this news article on the Blue River Bridge, they chose to use ipe because of its “70 year life expectancy.” I bet they will be thrilled 70 years from now when the future citizens realize that they will have at least another 30 years of use out of their ipe bridge choice!

Once again, this proves that for high end applications, or commercial applications that require a resilient hardwood, this exotic hardwood from Brazil is the best choice. The town of Silverthorne has chosen a wood that can and will hold up against the harsh winters that are sure to bring snow and a ton of moisture to the area.

If you’re wondering what other bridges would use ipe, how about the Brooklyn Bridge? Truly one of America’s greatest architectural landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge walkway is truly a breathtaking experience.

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