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Wood Ceiling Planks Bring Elegance & Tradition to Any Porch or Sunroom

Have you ever looked up at your ceiling and felt…anything at all? Odds are, probably not. However, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a home with wood ceilings, you know. You know that sense of warmth and comfort that you get any time you step into that room. There’s just something different about rooms that have a more dynamic aesthetic look to them. It’s not easy to put into words. But, when you have it, you know.

At AdvantageLumber.com, we custom mill tongue and groove wood ceiling planks. From our mills here in the United States, we take special care to ensure that every plank is milled carefully as if it were being installed in our own home.

These planks don’t just have to be installed on a ceiling. They make excellent wall paneling, too.

If you’re looking to enhance the look of a covered porch or sunroom, let us help you. Get your free wood ceiling plank quote today.

*Painted ceilings should be constructed with a wood that actually accepts painting such as Poplar. Super dense hardwoods such as Ipe are NOT able to be painted due to the the oily natural properties of the wood rejecting top-coat finishes.

Wood Ceiling Panels, Planks available with V-Groove

Are you looking to add a truly unique look to your home? High-end designers have been known to accentuate areas that are often overlooked by installing wood ceiling panels that have a v-groove. What’s V-groove? A V-groove is basically a deeper bevel and is most commonly seen in tongue and groove wood.

The Vgroove profile adds an attractive element to any wood ceiling.

The Vgroove profile adds an attractive element to any wood ceiling.

Why buy wood ceiling panels made of exotic species? Let’s say you’ve just installed ipe wood ceiling panels. Because the exposure to the sun is dramatically minimized, the ipe ceiling planks  it will be years before you have to apply a finish (around 4-5 years as opposed to every 1-2 years)The major advantage to using this wood is because it will last longer and stand up to the elements better than synthetic materials, drywall, and concrete.

You can get custom-milled v-groove panels in a variety of hardwoods (not just cedar). This includes some of the most popular and reputable exotic hardwoods such as ipe, tigerwood, cumaru, and garapa.

Here are some applications that look great with custom-milled v-groove paneling:

  • Wall panels
  • Ceiling panels
  • Covered patio porch ceilings
  • Undermount decking system covers
  • Car-port ceilings

NOTE: V-grooved wood is not recommended for flooring applications as it would be a tripping hazard and would be hard to clean.

Visit our  custom-milled hardwood lumber profiles page to see the many ways we make ordering lumber easy and affordable.