How to Clean Your Wood Deck Without a Pressure Washer Using DeckWise Cleaner

DeckWise Cleaner

If you’re looking to spruce up your wood deck without the use of a pressure washer, you’re in luck. DeckWise Cleaner offers an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean and restore your deck to its former glory. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to clean your wood deck using DeckWise …

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5 Easy Fall Deck Cleanup Tips You Need to Use

Fall marks a welcomed change in weather, but it also means more maintenance for your deck. The trees around your home shed leaves and rain substitutes the endless summer sun. Follow these fall deck tips and you’ll be on your way enjoying autumn on your deck. Reseal your deck Before heavier rain rolls in, make …

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Prepare your Patio and Outdoor Spaces for Spring

The official start of spring is here!

Even though it may be chilly, early spring is the perfect time to start working on your deck. If you wait for the hot summer weather, your deck boards could shrink and make maintenance more difficult. Taking advantage of the cooler spring months will keep you and your deck refreshed and safe from the relentless sun.

So now that you’re excited to get started, let’s take a look at 10 tips for cleaning your outdoors!

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Decking Maintenance – How to Winterize a Deck

Preparing A Hardwood Deck for the Winter

Fall is here and many people are starting to prepare their deck for the Winter months. What do you need to do to ensure your garden deck stays healthy?

How to Winterize a Hardwood Deck
Learn the best way to keep your deck healthy during winter.

Keep Gaps Clear of Debris

Leaving your deck dirty and covered with debris over the winter months is a recipe for disaster. If you allow the gap spacing between your deck boards to get plugged up with debris, you won’t just have a lot to clean up come springtime. You might also be looking at a warped deck due to excess moisture being trapped underneath your deck. Proper ventilation will also ensure that mold and decay don’t rear their ugly head. Keep your deck boards looking good by sweeping away dirt, leaves, pine needles or any branches.

Got mold? Use these tips to eliminate mold from your hardwood deck before winter.

Just ask any homeowner who owns a deck how hard it is to get rid mold watch their face get red with frustration. Mold (aka mildew, aka the bane of composite deck owners everywhere) needs to be dealt with as soon as you see it. Mold can grow and prosper during the months when your deck is being used the least. Mold feasts on moisture so snow and melting ice might as well be a t-bone steak with all the fixin’s to mold.

How to get rid of mold on hardwood decking:

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