How to Interview a Deck Builder – Questions to Ask

How to Interview a Deck Builder
Find a professional deck builder that can work on time, and with attention to detail.

So, you’re ready to start building a deck. You’ve decided on the decking material, general design, and even the spindles that match your choice of hardwood decking. One problem…

Whenever you open a tool box it’s like reading Latin. It’s dead to you. So, if hiring a deck builder is a no-brainer, how do you find one that will get the job done right?. After all, you could try your hand at this massive home improvement project, but if you’re uncomfortable around table saws, it’s probably best to hire a professional. But what do you look for in a deck builder? What questions must you ask before hiring a deck builder?

Here are the questions you to ask while interviewing local deck builders (Also available as a .pdf download: Deck Builder Interview Checklist):

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