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Wood of The Month: Cocobolo

Cocobolo is a stunning and unique hardwood that has become a prized material among woodworkers. Chances are you’ve seen this wood in many artisan products such as jewelry, executive pens, bowls, furniture and instruments! Cocobolo is a dense oily wood which polishes to a high gloss without any finish, a feature not many woods have. These oils present a challenge if you’re looking to glue Cocobolo, but using acetone to wipe down the joints will draw out the oils allowing you to use a two part epoxy to adhere pieces together. Cocobolo isn’t used in wind and string instruments solely because of its beauty. The wood itself has wonderful tonal qualities that help create a crisp sound.
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Wood of the Week – Cocobolo

Wood of the Week


Cocobolo Wood Patterns

Cocobolo offers such distinct patterns that each piece seems to have a life of its own.

Cocobolo wood is a highly-prized amongst woodworkers. As you can see from the picture above, cocobolo is also extremely attractive. The combination of auburn and hard brown to black streaks create such striking pieces. You can find cocobolo pens for well over $100.

When you buy Cocobolo from Advantage, you won’t have to worry about quality or the source of the lumber. The cocobolo that you buy has been hand-picked by the owner of ATL, Rob Pelc. He personally visited Mexico to ensure that each board foot of this exotic hardwood was properly harvested and cultivated.

A cocobolo blank and turning square from Advantage is very affordable. Given the high return you can get either in selling designer bowls, pens, or pool cues, it makes sense to contact us for all your cocobolo needs.

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Buy Cocobolo Today

Our inventory of cocobolo is available to anyone who wants to tackle turning this beautiful exotic hardwood.

World renowned by wood turners for its striking beauty, this species of Mexican hardwood is noted for the contrasts of red, black, and sometimes even purple. It’s no surprise to find cocobolo being used in a whole range of high end products.

Because Advantage Lumber has committed ourselves to responsible forestry, you can buy cocobolo knowing that it has been harvested without clear-cutting or other deforestation methods. As you can see below, we were even lucky enough to stumble upon some of this unique wood while literally roaming through the Mexican highlands.

Hardwood expert, Jason Peters inspecting a pile of cocobolo lumber.

A hardwood expert inspecting a pile of cocobolo lumber.

You can buy cocobolo even for hardwood flooring. Contact Advantage Lumber today!

Learn About Mexican Cocobolo

Owner, Rob Pelc personally watched how our inventory of cocobolo was harvested.

Owner, Rob Pelc personally watched how our inventory of cocobolo was harvested.

The cocobolo tree in Mexico usually grow around the ridges of the Sierra Madres mountain range. It’s not unusual for the distance between trees to be up to 3 miles apart.

Logging Mexican cocobolo using modern methods that utilize modern equipment would devastate the forest. There’s really no good reason to destroy pristine forests with roads, that would be filled with cars and equipment spilling fuel. Moreover, the cutting of other trees just to get to one mature cocobolo is needless.

To preserve the forest and to make a decent living, the people of Mexico work really hard and use hand held tools and old fashioned man power to extract these gems. Because cocobolo is such a durable exotic hardwood, even the dead trees that have fallen in the forest are perfect. Not only does the harvesting of fallen trees make sense, but it’s also a practical and safe way to get the precious heartwood. Dead tress will, over time, shed their sapwood leaving the heartwood in place. Because the loggers are extremely conscious of their environment and their livelihood, they realize that to clear cut the forest or to take out every healthy cocobolo tree would be a quick fix and would destroy their community in the long run. This is why they do what they can to protect the area for future use.

Advantage has a great inventory of responsibly harvested cocobolo from Mexico in stock and ready for purchase. Contact us today and when you buy cocobolo you’ll have your order at your door in just a few days (shipping times will vary depending on location…but we really do have fast shipping).

New Inventory of Cocobolo for Sale!

As you can see from the pic below, we definitely have a huge inventory of brand new cocobolo ready for order. Our owner, Rob Pelc, went to Mexico to personally inspect this shipment so that each and every piece of cocobolo we sell is of the highest quality. The trip was well worth it because now we can provide wood turners and wood workers with the highest grade of cocobolo at direct importer prices.

Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. Owner Robert Pelc is excited about our expanded inventory of Cocobolo!

AdvantageLumber.com Owner Robert Pelc is excited about our expanded inventory of Cocobolo!

We make it easy to buy cocobolo.  We’ve already fulfilled hundreds of orders, so be sure to get your order of this rare and very unique hardwood while supplies last.

Cocobolo Blanks Used for Executive Pens

Cocobolo is highly-prized for its beauty, rarity, and exceptional turning ability. Woodworkers enjoy using this exotic hardwood because they can make many high end products that are attractive and in high demand. One such item is cocobolo pens. These executive pens are, quite frankly, stunning and make a bold statement.

At AdvantageLumber.com, we have our very own Cocobolo experts that can make sure you get just the right amount of this Mexican hardwood.

Order Cocobolo Pen Blanks from Advantage Trim & Lumber Company
Order Cocobolo Pen Blanks from AdvantageLumber.com

To learn more contact us or buy cocobolo online

Cocobolo Now Available

The response to the news that we have increased our inventory of cocobolo has been overwhelming! Turners and woodworkers across the United States have been calling us asking us about the recent influx of Mexican cocobolo that has just reached our lumber mill. Thank you for your interest and for your orders!

Cocobolo wood being sawed in Mexico.

Cocobolo wood being sawed in Mexico.

If you’re new to working with this exotic hardwood, be sure to wear adequate protection since the dust can be a mild irritant to skin.

Order Cocobolo

Buy cocobolo from AdvantageLumber.com and you will have your shipment to your door in days, not weeks. We look forward to being your number one source for cocobolo and other fine exotic and domestic hardwoods.