Where to Buy Walnut Wood: Your Complete Guide to Quality and Savings

Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut wood, renowned for its rich color and fine grain, is a top choice for woodworking projects, ranging from furniture to intricate carvings. However, finding quality Walnut wood at a reasonable price can be challenging. This blog post will guide you through the best places to buy Walnut wood and highlight how you can save …

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Hardwood 101 – American Black Walnut Lumber

Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. offers such superior domestic hardwood lumber. One great hardwood is American Black Walnut. Woodworkers have used American Black Walnut for centuries. Check out this sunken Great Lakes Treasure Ship that was found with over $100,000 worth of Black Walnut lumber aboard. American Black Walnut is often referred to as ‘gunwood’ …

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