Hardwood 101 – American Black Walnut Lumber

Black Walnut lumber
Black Walnut has been used for centuries & is well-regarded among woodworkers.

Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. offers such superior domestic hardwood lumber. One great hardwood is American Black Walnut.

Woodworkers have used American Black Walnut for centuries. Check out this sunken Great Lakes Treasure Ship that was found with over $100,000 worth of Black Walnut lumber aboard.

American Black Walnut is often referred to as ‘gunwood’ because it is the standard wood used for gunstocks, like shotgun handles and sporting rifle handles. It is also used for cabinetwork, high quality furniture, boat building, musical instruments, paneling, and veneers. It is a perfect wood for turning, molding, routing and carving as well.

It is a very popular wood not only for its versatility, but also for its beauty. Walnut has white sapwood, and its heartwood is a rich dark brown to purplish-black. It is normally straight grained, but in some cases it has wavy or curly grains.

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