Ipe Wood Makes Great Outdoor Furniture & More

Furniture makers across the world are starting to use ipe wood to make high-quality outdoor furniture. Because ipe is a unique hardwood, it has features and benefits that make it the perfect choice for your next Adirondack chair, outdoor dining table, outdoor chest, or bench. While most people know ipe to be a very dense hardwood, it has some unique advantages over most other woods, including the more expensive ones such as teak.

The Tabebuia Serratifolia also known as ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is found throughout Central and South America. Anyone who tells you that ipe is found in Asia is probably confusing ipe with the more expensive and well-known teak. While both are worthwhile and durable woods, ipe is less expensive, stronger, and will last a lot longer. This begs the question, what makes ipe so unique?

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Ipe Wood is the Perfect Choice for Your Deck Construction Project

Ipe wood is fast becoming the preferred choice of homeowners and contractors when it comes to outdoor deck construction. Found throughout South America, ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is also known as Brazilian Walnut, Cortez, and Amapa. Regardless of the name, this exotic hardwood is world renowned for its strength and endurance. Another reason why many contractors and builders recommend ipe wood for decking is due to its ability to resist decay and insect infestation. Ipe also has up to a Class A fire rating when it comes to flame spread. Surprisingly, that is the same rating as concrete. With all of these features, you would think that the cost of ipe would be available only to multi-millionaires looking to add onto their mansions. However, compared to the cost of Teak, ipe wood is reasonably priced if you work with the right direct importer.

Ipe lumber is not just for decks. Commercially, ipe has been used in Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk as well as the Treasure Island Resort located in Las Vegas. Ipe has even been rigorously tested by the United States Naval Research Laboratory and the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory. These tests concluded that a single plank of ipe could be left exposed to the elements and even buried in the ground for 15 years without being infested by termites.

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Largest Online Supplier Of Ipe Decking Has Been Granted FSC Certification For Producing Hardwood Products

Grover, NC June 11, 2009 Advantage Lumber, LLC today announced they will now manufacture a variety of FSC certified hardwood materials in their North Carolina location. The company has a long standing of importing, manufacturing, and distributing Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut), from managed forest. Obtaining the highly coveted FSC certification is just part of the …

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Advantage Lumber, LLC Warns Against The Use Of Composite Decking Materials

Buffalo, NY January 24, 2009 Advantage Lumber, LLC today announced that, due to recent inquiries from customers , composite decking supplies and materials will not be distributed or sold at any of our locations. While composite decking remains popular due to its low cost, we are of the opinion that using composite materials for decks …

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Solid Wood Panels Help Furniture And Cabinet Shops Save Time And Money

Pre-Made Edge Glued Wood Panels Eliminates the Tedious Edge Gluing Process for Woodworkers Buffalo, NY January 7, 2009 Advantage Lumber, LLC today announced the addition of Solid Wood Panels to their product line to relieve woodworkers from the long tedious process of edge gluing boards. “When talking with woodworkers, one thing that became very clear …

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Lumber Company Adds An Additional 50,000 Sq. Ft. Of Manufacturing And Warehouse Space To Accommodate The Demand For Eco-Friendly Lumber Products

Hardwood lumber scraps from other lumber mills turned into designer hardwood flooring, without cutting down more trees. Buffalo, NY January 3, 2008 Advantage Lumber, LLC expanded it’s current 60,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY with another 50,000 Sq. Ft. building in Shelby, NC to keep up with the demand for hardwood decking materials …

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