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Deck Maintenance: How to Shovel Snow off a Deck

It might seem like removing snow off of a deck is a simple task. Take your snow shovel and put your back into it, right!? Just one look at this picture should tell you right away that it’s not that simple.

deck maintenance, shoveling snow
Shoveling snow off your deck will increase its lifepan. Learn how to do it right!

In fact, you can’t just use any ole’ shovel. You also can’t take a shortcut and use rock salt on your deck…that’s a recipe for disaster, no matter what kind of decking you have! You also might not want to let this much snow just sit on top of your deck and melt on its own. This begs the question…

What’s the best way to shovel snow off of a deck?

Think of it this way, shoveling snow on a deck is a lot like the first rule of shaving, “Go WITH the grain, not AGAINST it!” Using a plastic, or rubber-tipped shovel with rounded corners, gently shovel the length of each deck board. If you shovel across, you will scratch, or dent the decking. While you might be able to live with a mistake like that in winter, come Spring and Summer you will regret not taking your time to be careful.

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Hardwood 101 – Birch Lumber

Birch wood is one of the great commercial hardwoods we offer here at Advantage Trim & Lumber. Two species that our customers request are birch and red birch. Both have distinct coloring that set them apart from each other. Birch has light yellow or light brown sapwood and light brown to light reddish-brown heartwood. The …

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Brazilian Decking…why is it so special?

Brazilian Decking
You get so much more out of Brazilian Decking than good looks.

People who first find us online often ask, “Why do you sell hardwoods from Brazil and not composite decking?”

Our answer is always the same: “We only sell products that make our customers happy.”

Check out some of the reviews we’ve received that highlight how hardwood leads to solid decks that can be lived on and not slaved over: Ipe Decking Reviews & Testimonials

At Advantage, we work with homeowners, contractors, and builders to ensure they receive only the finest quality hardwood decking from South America, specifically Brazil. Our products are many things. Durable. Reliable. Resilient. Beautiful. Those benefits aren’t mere marketing hype. They’ve been backed by decades of use and proven by science.

Want to know just how durable Brazilian decking really is?

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Deep Frying a Turkey? Watch These Videos & Stay Away From Your Deck!

Doug isn’t even finished building his brand new deck when he got the “brilliant” idea of hosting Turkey Day on his half-built deck. To make matters worse, he’s going to deep fry a turkey for the very first time. He forgot to thaw it out…but, with the clock ticking toward the football game, he’s decided …

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