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My Deck Feels Tacky After Oiling It. How Can I Fix It?

If you recently oiled your hardwood deck and ended up with a tacky mess, you’re not alone. Every spring we get many calls from homeowners who find their feet sticking to their deck. They just wanted to spruce up their deck for the upcoming summer parties and family gatherings; now their deck is unusable.

This problem stems from the improper application of the hardwood finishing oil. Always read the labels before using any deck oil product, because their step-by-step instructions contain the key to avoiding this exact problem. One of these very important steps is to wipe off excess oil within a few minutes of applying it.

This is the trick. This is the step that, when forgotten, leaves you with a sticky  deck. This can lead to dirt accumulation, making your deck look filthy and uninviting.

If this describes your deck, don’t worry; it’s easy to fix. Using a rejuvenating product for hardwoods like DeckWise Cleaner & Brightener will refresh your deck’s surface and restore it to its original state. This process only takes an hour or so, and once your deck is fully dry you can reapply the oil correctly.

When is the correct time to clean and re-oil your hardwood deck?

It seems like the answer to this question should be simple enough. You clean and re-oil your hardwood deck when it starts to look faded. But you also have to take into account the season and the type of maintenance you’ve been doing.

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Should You Use Salt to Remove Snow and Ice?

The United States is has finally fallen into winter’s frosty grip. While many are jumping for joy with the arrival of winter precipitation, others are dreading shoveling snow off their driveways and decks. We get how annoying it can be to shovel snow every morning. We understand that sometimes you just want to use salt and get it over with. But before you go out and buy salt by the pound, be mindful of the effects it can have on your deck.
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Gray Ipe Dock

Restoring Your Gray Deck, The Right Way

Have you ever passed by a store and noticed the color on a poster wasn’t quite right? Or perhaps the color of your car has lost its shine after a few years. What you see are the effect of the sun’s ultra-violet rays.

The same ultra-violet rays that cause car paint and posters to fade also cause your decking to turn gray over time. In exotic hardwoods like our Brazilian decking, the fading occurs only on the surface.

In woods like pine or cedar, the fading can cause the wood fibers to deteriorate, which leads to cracks and eventually broken boards. As for plastic decking such as composite or PVC, the color fading caused by ultra-violet rays is permanent.

So how do you restore your Brazilian hardwood deck? Well, it depends how much regular maintenance you’ve done. Here are a few methods to bring back the color of your faded deck:

Method 1 – Start with the simplest of approaches and test a small amount of Ipe Oil on part of your deck. Sometimes applying a coat of Ipe Oil is enough to bring back the color. If this didn’t work, move on to the next method.

Method 2 – Use DeckWise Cleaner and Brightener. Wet your deck with a garden hose and apply the dissolved solution (follow the instructions on the back of each product) using a bristle broom to agitate the surface. Rinse with a garden hose, and once the surface is dry apply a new coat of Ipe Oil. Now your deck should look as good as new!

If your deck refuses to look new, give these methods a shot.

Method 3 – Using a pressure washer with a wide angle fan tip nozzle, wash your deck straight down the length of each board. This keeps you from stamping a pattern into the board or raising the grain of the wood and causing splinters. If pressure washing didn’t achieve the original finish, there’s one more thing you can try.

Method 4 –Sand your deck, starting with an 80 grit sand paper on an orbital sander and finishing with 100 grit sand paper. Once you’re done, vacuum your deck, or rinse it well with water to remove any dust and apply Ipe Oil. This should bring it back to the beautiful deck of years past!

We hope this helps you get your deck back to the color you want! Bookmark this page if you wish to share these deck maintenance tips with others, and don’t forget to give us a call if you have any questions or shoot us an email at info@advantagelumber.coml

Snow shovel for deck

How to Get Snow off Your Deck: An Easy Checklist

Winter is here, and although the joy of a beautiful snow covered landscape is great, it’s accompanied by freezing temperatures. These cold winds are also responsible for a lot of our indoor hibernation which can lead to some neglected decks.

Ipe Deck and Snow Load
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3 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Deck in Fall

Fall has arrived and winter is knocking at the door. A lot of times we shut the doors and focus on what are we going to do in order to stay warm and cozy and don’t even think about our outdoor spaces.

Believe it or not, this time is very crucial in the maintenance of your deck especially if you want it to continue looking beautiful for those warmer spring and summer months. It’s pivotal that you sweep off dead leaves and wash down your deck from time to time. Leaves that are left on the deck can wind up in between each deck board. This can then continue to accumulate and develop into a serious drainage problem when the snow begins to pile on or the rain starts to pour. How bad of a drainage problem? Water can begin to collect on the surface of the board, and with nowhere to go, can lead to the cupping and warping of your deck boards.
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Weinig Powermat 600

New CNC Molder for Florida and North Carolina Factories


We are proud to announce our North Carolina and Florida factories are receiving new CNC molders to reduce production times! The CNC molder in our North Carolina factory will improve production by adding a secondary source of pregrooved, tongue and groove, and siding profiles. In our brand-new Florida facility it will allow us to start custom-milling profiles and reduce the time it takes our customers to receive their materials.

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