Composite Deck Railing

Composite deck railing is a popular choice for outdoor railings because of its many benefits, combining various materials like wood fibers, plastic, and a binding agent. Here’s an overview of what composite deck railing is, its advantages, and some considerations to keep in mind.

What is Composite Deck Railing?

Composite deck railing is made from a blend of materials that often include wood particles or fibers, recycled plastics, and a binding agent to hold it all together. The result is a railing system that imitates the look of wood but has the added benefits of increased durability and reduced maintenance.


  1. Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood railings, composite railings don’t need to be painted or stained regularly. Simply cleaning them with soap and water is usually enough.
  2. Durability: Composite materials resist fading, staining, scratching, and mold. They are also immune to termites and other insects that may damage wood.
  3. Appearance: Composite railing systems can look very similar to natural wood but are available in various colors and styles, making customization easier.
  4. Eco-friendly: Many composite railings use recycled materials, which may appeal to those looking for an environmentally friendly option.
  5. Resistant to Weather: They can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and intense sunlight.


  1. Cost: Composite railing systems can be more expensive upfront compared to traditional wood railings.
  2. Weight: They are usually heavier than wood, which might affect the installation process.
  3. Heat Retention: Some composite materials can retain more heat, becoming hot to the touch in intense sunlight.
  4. Limited Repair Options: If a section of composite railing is damaged, it might not be repairable and may need to be replaced.
  5. Color Fading: Although resistant to fading, over time, some color change might occur.


Installation of composite railings may be a DIY project for those with some experience, but professional installation is often recommended to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes.

There are several companies known for producing high-quality composite deck railing systems, the two most popular brands that we sell are Trex Railing and TimberTech Railing. These brands offer various styles and color options to fit different design preferences and budgets.


Composite deck railing is a versatile and low-maintenance option that provides the aesthetic appeal of wood without many of its downsides. However, homeowners should consider factors like cost and the potential for heat retention when choosing this option. Always consult with a professional if you are unsure about the best choice for your specific needs and location.

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