The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Epoxy for Table Tops

Why WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is Our Top Pick

Epoxy is a versatile and durable material that has become increasingly popular in the world of bar and table top design. Choosing the right epoxy for your table top project is crucial to achieving a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

In this blog post, we will explore the important features to look for when selecting the best epoxy for table tops and reveal why WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is our number one choice.

  1. High-quality, crystal clear finish

A high-quality epoxy should provide a crystal clear finish that showcases the beauty of your table top. The WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is a premium, self-leveling epoxy that offers a stunning, ultra-clear finish. This high-gloss epoxy enhances the natural beauty of your table top, while providing a protective layer against daily wear and tear.

  1. UV resistance

UV resistance is an essential feature when choosing an epoxy for table tops, especially if your table will be exposed to sunlight. Over time, UV exposure can cause yellowing and damage to the epoxy. WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy contains UV stabilizers, ensuring that your table top maintains its clarity and color for years to come.

  1. Easy to work with

The best epoxy for table tops should be user-friendly, allowing you to achieve professional results without any hassle. WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is easy to mix and apply, thanks to its simple 1:1 mixing ratio. Its extended working time allows you to pour and spread the epoxy without feeling rushed, ensuring a smooth, even application.

  1. Scratch and heat resistance

A durable epoxy should be resistant to scratches and heat, protecting your table top from daily use. WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy offers excellent scratch and heat resistance, making it perfect for busy households, bars, and restaurants. This high-performance epoxy is designed to withstand the rigors of daily life while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

  1. Zero VOCs and odor-free

When choosing an epoxy for bar or table tops, it’s important to select a product that is safe for you and the environment. WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formulation, making it an eco-friendly choice for your project. In addition, this epoxy is odor-free, allowing you to work in comfort without the need for ventilation.


Choosing the best epoxy for table tops is a crucial step in creating a stunning, long-lasting piece. WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy stands out as our top recommendation, thanks to its crystal clear finish, UV resistance, user-friendly application, durability, and eco-friendly formulation.

With WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy, you can confidently create beautiful, functional table tops that will stand the test of time.

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