Urban Indian Rosewood

The world’s most eco-friendly Rosewood. Indian Rosewood was brought to Florida in the mid 1800’s as a decorative flowering tree. Little did they know that it would become an invasive species that crowds out native indigenous trees. The area around our Florida Sawmill is one of the few places in the world where Rosewood has been deemed invasive.

Once these slabs are surfaced they sure are one pretty Invader!!!! Our Florida Sawmill houses one of the world’s largest Urban Log Recycling programs. City trees that are either dead, diseased, dying, or invasive get milled into furniture slabs and shipped to woodworkers around the world.

These slabs will make for awesome table slabs, desk, bar tops, and other furniture. Stop in, call or stalk us online to see more awesome hardwood! www.WoodSlabs.com

urban indian rosewood

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  1. hello my name is Chris Groover im looking to purchase slabs of wood and would like some prices of the different kinds of slabs you have and services that you provide with those prices as well. thank you very much.

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