Summer’s Here and It’s Time For Shorts

Summertime is here! While you break out the board shorts, we’ll break out the short boards! We do everything we can to eliminate waste, so we keep cutoffs to sell at bargain prices. Many lumber companies sell shorts at a discounted price, but few will call 7 FEET a short board. We do!

Docks and stairs are obvious uses for shorts, but that’s just the beginning. There are so many other options if you think outside of the box. Benches are a great use for shorts. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort, you can design the deck to use shorts to make extra-large parquet flooring (think Madison Square Garden). Skirting, stoops, and steps, oh my! Okay, so the last part was a little corny but you get the idea.

If you get creative with them, you can turn shorts on edge and make a fascinating landing between your deck and your house. Use the larger shorts to turn an otherwise mundane bench into a centerpiece. Or build a privacy fence. Most privacy fences are 6 feet tall, and wouldn’t it be a dream to build one that didn’t require repairs every year? Now you can with our exotic hardwood shorts!

Life’s too short to live underwhelmed, so don’t short yourself on your summer projects; make a BIG difference with our shorts. Too much? Yeah, we agree but come check us out here:

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