Four-Inch Decking Changes a Deck’s Entire Look

Out of all the dimensions of decking, the most commonly used are boards of 6” width. This is what everyone has, and it’s what everyone looks for. However, imagine for a second that you spent a lot of money for your own unique deck only to notice that every other deck looks almost exactly the same.

That realization can be a little devastating, but this is where careful planning and deck design comes into play. Using different width decking, such as 4″ and 6″ is a great way to create a unique and strong deck.


Using a mix 4″ and 6″ boards gives you beauty and unique structural advantages. Narrower boards are less prone to cupping or twisting and spaced out gaps will provide better airflow and water drainage for your 6″ boards, creating a more stable deck.

Don’t limit your deck to looking only a certain way, using a combination of widths can create an elegant and very structurally sound deck that’ll last a lifetime.

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