New Woodmizer Added to Our Florida Sawmill

Our Florida location originally purchased a Woodmizer LT 50 hydraulic for processing logs.

Our Original Woodmizer:

We quickly realized that we needed something bigger and better. We have recently acquired a Woodmizer WM 1000 capable of cutting logs up to 67” wide. It’s the only one of its kind in the entire state of Florida. This allows us to mill giant logs!

Check out the pictures of our new Woodmizer being delivered:

Florida sawmill delivery

new machinery Florida sawmill

new machine Florida sawmill

expanded Florida sawmill

Additional photos of our new Woodmizer:

Florida sawmill expansion

Florida sawmill lumber

Florida sawmill wood

Florida sawmill woodmizer

Woodmizer WM 1000 being installed:

1 thought on “New Woodmizer Added to Our Florida Sawmill”

  1. Hi Dave
    Wow looks impressive!
    Cant wait to see it in action
    Let me know when your going to demonstrate it or practice I would love to be there.

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