Why Hardwood Decking is Best Suited for Marine Applications

Cumaru is an ideal choice for docks and other marine applications.
Cumaru is an ideal choice for docks and other marine applications.

With marine construction, it is extremely important to have a material that will have reliable strength and durability. So, when looking for material that will stand the test of time, Advantage hardwood is the easy solution. Advantage hardwood withstands the harshest conditions in and out of the water. No matter what the project, AdvantageLumber.com is sure to have the right hardwood for you!

Ipe and Cumaruare species that offer high density and are the perfect fit for installation on docks, piers, wharves, decks, boardwalks and all other marine construction.

Ipe hardwood is the number one choice for marine construction among contractors. The reason Ipe is so highly recommended is because of its proven hardness, strength, density, and abrasion resistance.

Ipe decking and lumber is also naturally slip resistant and actually meets the code requirement for being coefficient of friction is wet areas. Plus, because of Ipe lumber being so strong, it is often used in docks as joists and cross ties where it is detrimental for these substructures to hold up. Finally, Ipe decking does not release chemicals into our environment unlike some chemically treated lumber and synthetic material.

Cumaru hardwood is another great alternative when installing in wet or harsh conditions. Cumaru has a hardness that is extremely close to Ipe and the cost of Cumaru is a great investment!

When building a structure such as a boardwalk, where it is vital for the material to hold up with a lot of traffic, Cumaru is the easy choice! Cumaru has been used famously at the Coney Island Boardwalk as well as Pier 15 in New York City because of its beauty and undeniable durability.

These species can be custom milled into an anti-slip profile. For instance, the Buggs Island Kayak launch utilized our anti-slip Ipe to enhance traction. This profile is perfect for any project by the water!

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