Why Are Key West Docks & Marinas Made of Ipe Decking?


With its crystal blue water and world famous diving, Key West is one of America’s most cherished tropical destinations. Because of the year round tourist traffic, the infrastructure of Key West has to hold up to a lot of things. Tropical storms and hurricanes aside, the docks, marinas, and boardwalks that are all over Key West require decking materials that are PROVEN to last. So, is it any wonder why architects, boat owners, and city managers chose Ipe decking? Think about it. The Key West Fantasy Festival brings well over 100,000 people to its tiny island every year. Given all that happens during those few days…why wouldn’t you want to walk on wood that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance?

For example, in the picture above, you’ll see how well the Ipe at the Key West Boat Club’s dock has held up. Even though the wood has weathered to that famous steel patina, there are no cracks or areas where the club’s members and guests can get a splinter. Due to the incredible density of Ipe, it really is the best solution for marine grade applications.

If you’d like to take a tour of Key West’s other Ipe docks and boardwalks, check out the gallery below:

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