FSC 20”x20” Ipe Deck Tiles Coming Soon!

As spring inches closer, our inventory grows with more options for your outdoors. Our 20”x20” Ipe deck tiles were the best option for many homeowners seeking to renovate patios and balconies, and in response to high demand, we’re carrying FSC certified Ipe 20”x20” deck tiles.

Although FSC is usually something sought after by architects for LEED points, homeowners are also interested in these materials. Our chain-of-custody facility will receive these 20”x20” FSC Ipe Deck Tiles in the following months.

If you’d like a quote for these tiles,
e-mail us
or call us at 1-877-232-3915.

4 thoughts on “FSC 20”x20” Ipe Deck Tiles Coming Soon!

  1. chris lacey

    i’ve been getting your information for a while but have never looked closely at the products. currently i have 5 houses under construction, each one having multiple decks. looking for something other than standard PT.
    about what is the SF cost of these tiles? turn around time?
    can i place them directly on a low slope (1/4″-1FT) without chairs or supports, or do i need sleepers?

  2. Greg Bailey

    Price/sq ft of these 20×20 ipe deck tiles.
    Considering about 320 sq ft. for deck covering.

  3. G. Alves

    Hello Greg,

    I have forwarded your request to one of our sales people. They will answer all your questions to your e-mail.

    Thank you,

  4. G. Alves

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for taking the time to read our post. One of our sales people will contact you via e-mail to answer your questions.

    Thank you,

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